Mission & Vision

Who We Are...

     Mars U.P. Church is Your Hometown Church...Faithful in Tradition, Loving in Fellowship and Reaching for              Tomorrow! 

Mission Statement 

         We are......

  • Welcoming all to experience God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) through worship, study, fellowship, mission                        and service.  
  • Nurturing the Biblical faith through preaching, teaching and personal witness.  
  • Encouraging all to receive salvation through Christ and follow as Christ's disciples.  
  • Empowering the committed to serve in Christ's name.

Vision Statement 

  • Every member is a Disciple...growing in faith, understanding and in the ability to model after Jesus Christ.
  • Every member is a Minister...serving in the church to build the body of Christ and in the world as witnesses                                                  to Christ's grace, love, power and forgiveness.