2017 - 2018 Sunday School Classes - 9:45 am (September - May)

Elementary will be studying from "All Together Now Curriculumn"
Pre-K/Kindergarten - Sally  Olsen Teacher -Upper Classroom by Elevator
1st - 3rd Grade- Sharon Gibbs Teacher-Upper Classroom by Elevator
4th - 6th Grade - Jenny Ivory Teacher-Upper Classroom by Elevator

Middle School & High School Youth

Youth   - Youth Suite Lower Level - Sticky Faith Series  "Can I Ask That" Volume Book 2

 Adult Classes

EXODUS Class - Social Hall - Robyn Beckwith Teacher - The Book of Genesis

NNN Class -- Ira Baumgartel Teacher -  Studying present day Christian Proverbs
MMM Class - Mary Ann Croop Teacher - The Battle Plan for Prayer
CLASS IN LIBRARY - Ann Carter Teacher - Library - Bible-In-Life Adult Comprehensive Bible Study