Student Ministry Laurelville 2016 Slideshow

What does it look like to pursue Jesus as a Middle or High Schooler??

Mission Trips, Camping, Skiing, Canoeing, Bonfires, Christian Concerts, Faith Building Retreats, and Youth Group are just a few of the many ways our Student Ministry practices what it looks like to BE the hands and feet of Jesus to our broken world.

Whether we are actively pursuing it or not, young and old, we all are on a search for our purpose in Life. We all want to know who we are, why we’re here, and what is this life about.  And for the our Students of today it' is a very special season of life right now, one that has a lot to offer but also demands a lot.  For Students their Lives are packed with ..........

  • Home: family, activities, rules, expectations. 
  • School: teachers, classes, clubs, grades.
  • Sports: teammates, practice, games, competiton.
  • Friends: everyone, no one, parties, girlfriends/boyfriends.

With so many different layers, and so many voices competing for their attention, it is becoming harder and harder for Students to not just have their lives filled with distractions.  We need to help them find something that can truly satisfy, fulfill, and sustain our hearts.  Something that grows its roots deeper, that doesn’t expect or require more of us...A God who desires us!

In our Student Ministry at Mars UP Church, our students are surrounded by leaders and other students who are seeking God’s Grace in their lives each day. God’s incredible Love that He showed on the Cross is what we chase after. Our students are encouraged to find direction and to discover what is deep, real, satisfying, and fulfilling by encouraging a relationship with God.