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Accepting Applications for Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry

Scope & Purpose

The Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry is responsible for providing the organization and leadership to the Church's educational ministries with children, youth, and their families from kindergarten through college age, in order that the Church may live out its Youth & Children’s Ministry Vision.  The vision for the Youth & Children’s Ministry at Mars United Presbyterian Church is: “To develop and maintain a healthy Christian environment for children and youth fellowship, to encourage students within that context to build personal relationships with one another and with Jesus Christ, and to disciple young Christians into adults.”


         1.  A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college.

         2.  Experience in developing and directing educational programs and activities for children and youth.

         3.  Demonstrable skills in organization, communication, teaching, discipline, equipping and training volunteers, and cooperation.


         1.  Participates as an active member of the Christian Education Committee and the Youth Advisory Committees.  In cooperation with these Committees, the                           Youth Director will:

              a.   Plan, implement, and supervise the Youth Group Program.  The Youth Group Program consists of regular youth group meetings and activities,

                    opportunities for service and mission, small Groups for discipleship, and trips and retreats.
              b.   Provide for the recruitment, training, and support of youth and adult leadership in the youth ministry program.
              c.   Maintain regular contact with College age youth and provide occasional ministry opportunities.
              d.   Provide communication of youth ministry activities to youth, their families and the congregation at large.
              e.   Strive to provide unifying and comprehensive curriculum to all Children and Youth Sunday School groups through 12th grade.
              f.    Plan, implement, and supervise the Children’s Program for K-5 with the Christian Education Committee and Lay Volunteers.  The Children’s

                    Program consists of regular children’s activities, events, fellowship activities and other age-appropriate education for K-5.

         2.  Acts as a Christian role model for the young people of Mars United Presbyterian Church and its surrounding community. 

         3.  Maintains a healthy involvement and visibility in the broader church family and community.

         4.  Works to encourage and coordinate children and youth participation in worship.

         5.  Ensures that all children and youth ministries comply with the Child Protection Policy.

         6.  Attends regular staff meetings, Christian Education Committee meetings, and actively participates in church Session meetings.

         7.  Participates regularly in leading Sunday morning worship, including coordinating with the Pastor and Lay Volunteers for the Children’s Message.

         8.  Self-monitors the work load and stress throughout year, intentionally taking time away from work to address issues relating to self-care and overall well-being.

         9.  Utilizes the resources available to provide for ongoing education and professional development.

Work Schedule

The position is intended to be full-time.  The Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry is expected to be available when the Church’s youth and children are available.  Consequently, the Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry will work Sunday mornings plus evenings and weekends as programs require.  The Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry will also participate in extended youth trips throughout the year.  Appropriate compensatory time-off will be provided for weekend work and extended trips.


         1.  The Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry reports to the Pastor, who is responsible for on-going supervision and evaluation. 

         2.  The Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry is ultimately accountable to the Session, through the Christian Education Committee, in accordance with

              the Book of Order.

         3.  Annually, the Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry meets with the Stewardship Committee, who has Personnel responsibilities for Session, and the

             Elders on the Christian Education Committee to (a) review performance from the preceding year and (b) to discuss program planning, improvements, and                        changes for the upcoming year, as appropriate.

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